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*CLOSE OUT: GIFT BAG EUROTOTE 16W x 6 x 12H Price: $0.23*CLOSE OUT: GIFT BAG EUROTOTE 16W x 6 x 12HSchool Colors Blue, Green * Gold: See more »
*Close Out: Mug Monza Coaster/Lid Set 1938 Middle White Price: $5.93*CLOSE OUT: MUG MONZA COASTER/LID SET 1938 MIDDLE WHITEGifts By Spirit Products: See more »
*CLOSE OUT: GIFT BAG EUROTOTE 10W x 5 x 12H Price: $0.23*CLOSE OUT: GIFT BAG EUROTOTE 10W x 5 x 12HSchool Colors Blue, Green * Gold: See more »
*Close Out: Balancing Act Steel Price: $0.93*CLOSE OUT: BALANCING ACT STEELGifts: See more »
*Close Out: Hanging Floral Burst Ornament Price: $0.93*CLOSE OUT: HANGING FLORAL BURST ORNAMENTDecor: See more »
*Close Out: Jewerly Tray Cactus/Pineapple Price: $2.93*CLOSE OUT: JEWERLY TRAY CACTUS/PINEAPPLEDecor: See more »
*CLOSE OUT: GIFT BAG EUROTOTE 4.5W x 3 x 5.5H Price: $0.23*CLOSE OUT: GIFT BAG EUROTOTE 4.5W x 3 x 5.5HSchool Colors Blue, Green * Gold: See more »
Close Out:1 Subject Notebook 8.5 X 11 College Ruled Red Price: $0.93Why SCRIBZEE® is the Best Note Management App: You’ve most likely adopted the habit of taking a photo of your pages of notes with the camera built into your smartphone. If so, you’ll know that framing the sheet of paper is a tricky business and that photos of your notes get mixed up with your other pictures. Hamelin has developed SCRIBZEE® – a high performance scanning application that combines the features of your smartphone with the four tags markers printed on each sheet of Hamelin notebooks. This powerful, efficient technology has been developed and patented for you by our engineers. Features The free SCRIBZEE® app saves your scanned notes in a secure cloud. They can then be retrieved, edited or shared by any connected device, wherever you may be. SCRIBZEE® organizational features allows you to group your notes together in one place and can then be freely arranged in whichever folders you choose. Want to enhance your notes by adding other pages or illustrating them with images? No problem. With SCRIBZEE®, simply drag the pages of a note with your finger to change their sequence. You can also import pages from other notes in the same folder or pictures from your smartphone. And if you need to share your notes, simply use your smartphone’s different means of communication (SMS, e-mail, social networks, Evernote, etc.). SCRIBZEE® – Keep your notes in your pocket Notes are easier to memorize when they are written out by hand. It’s also easier to rework a document and learn it on paper. With SCRIBZEE® and Hamelin notebooks: Save your handwritten notes in an ultra-secure cloud. Collate and sort them by subject with presentations, images and other digital content transmitted by your tutors. Share notes with other members of your workgroups via social networks E-mail notes to classmates! Download the App for Android Download the App for iOS How to Videos Out: Hameline Smart Notebooks: See more »
*Close Out: Bendy Sloth Price: $3.93*CLOSE OUT: BENDY SLOTHFun Stuff, Toys & Misc: See more »
*Close Out: Bendy Farm Animals Price: $0.93*CLOSE OUT: BENDY FARM ANIMALSGifts: See more »
*Close Out: Café Oven Mitt Price: $7.93*CLOSE OUT: CAFÉ OVEN MITTSchool Colors Blue, Green * Gold: See more »
*Close Out: Potted Lavender Plant Price: $5.93*CLOSE OUT: POTTED LAVENDER PLANTDecor: See more »
*Close Out: Mug Phillips Campus Green Price: $3.93*CLOSE OUT: MUG PHILLIPS CAMPUS GREENGifts By Spirit Products: See more »
*Close Out: Games On-The-Go Price: $5.93*CLOSE OUT: GAMES ON-THE-GOGifts: See more »
*Close Out: Kitchen Towels Dog ASST Price: $4.93*CLOSE OUT: KITCHEN TOWELS DOG ASSTDecor: See more »
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