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The last day to place orders for all ship to home service is May 9th, 2021 Midnight.

Orders placed May 10th forward will only be available for in-store pickup regardless of the shipping method chosen. 

The last day to place orders online for an in-store pick-up is May 14th, 2021 Midnight.

Online orders can not be processed after this point and regalia will only be available for in-person purchase.

The Bookstore will be open for Commencement regalia purchases and pick-ups on the following dates and hours:

Before Commencement:

Monday, May 17th - Wednesday, May 19th

10 AM - 6:30 PM



Thursday, May 20th – Sun May 23rd

8 AM – 7 PM


Textbook Policy


  • TEXTBOOK RENTALS ARE NOT REFUNDABLE AFTER THE REFUND PERIOD IS OVER. AFTERWARDS, THEY MAY BE "CHECKED IN" TO THE BOOKSTORE. Please refer to the Bronco Bookstore's Refund Policy Webpage for further information about exact dates for refunds.

  • SUBSTITUTIONS: We offer as many USED textbooks as we can but when no used copies are available we will substitute NEW copies. This may cause your order total to change without notice.
    •  If you prefer not to accept substitutions, please indicate “NO SUBSTITUTIONS” in the Special Shipping Instructions field as you complete your online transaction.
    • Indicating “No Substitutions” may result in books being canceled from your order.
  • USED BOOKS: Please note that:
    • Used books may or may not include related CD’s, and will not include one-time use access codes for web sites
    • Used books sold separately cannot be combined to equal a used version of a publisher created package. 
  • PACKAGES: Some courses offer the choice between new books packaged with supplements or used books separately. If you inadvertently order both a package and a separate book we will attempt to give you the least expensive option and cancel the other book(s) from your order.
  • DISCLAIMER: Textbook listings are accurate to the best of our knowledge on any given date, but editions and ISBNS are subject to change without notice by either the professor or the publisher. Bronco Bookstore is not responsible for subsequent textbook changes if students buy from another source based on information posted on our site.

  • OTHER QUESTIONS: Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are here to make shopping with Bronco Bookstore an easy experience. We strive for our store to be a viable resource in a climate of many book buying choices. We are always here to answer questions. If you have questions or concerns about your order please contact the E-Commerce office by phone 909 869-3753 or email onlineorders@cpp.edu.


If you need an ISBN or other book information for a course that hasn’t been listed yet on our site, please contact us directly by email at smdonnelly@cpp.edu.  We will respond ASAP with the information you need to complete your alternate media request, or let you know how soon we expect to have the information available.


Please refer to the Bronco Bookstore's Refund Policy Webpage or the refund policy insert that will be included in your order confirmation email for more guidelines.