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Instant Access by Bronco Bookstore, providing students course materials access

Instant Access

Instant Access Course Materials with Opt-Out

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What is the Instant Access Program?

This program automatically gives all students in participating courses access to their course materials, in digital format, by the first day of classes at highly discounted prices. The Instant Access (IA) program for CPP is only offered by Bronco Bookstore.

Messages regarding this program will come from “Cal Poly Pomona Bronco Bookstore (no-reply@verbasoftware.com)” so please WHITELIST this address.

How To Videos

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What You Need to Know

Q: What are the benefits of IA?

A: The benefits are Instant access to required course materials, which we believe helps students be better prepared for class, and significantly reduced pricing.

Q: How much will I be charged?

A: IA digital materials fees vary by course and book, but typically are discounted 25% to 60% from print rental or print purchase prices, and 10% to 20% from regular “opt in” digital material prices offered at Bronco Bookstore.

Q: How will I be charged?

A: The cost of your materials will be charged to your CPP student account as an “Ebooks” charge. You are responsible for paying Ebooks charges on your account by the deadline along with your other tuition/fees for the term.

Q. What if I don’t want to participate in the IA program?

A. You may opt out of IA materials before the deadline, and the charge will be refunded to your student account. Your access to the materials will be revoked after the opt out period ends.

IMPORTANT: You must proactively opt-out of the program by the deadline (the add/drop deadline) if you do not want to use the materials. After the deadline the charges on your account the fee will be final and failure to pay may result in an account hold.

Q: How do I opt-out of the program?

A: If you choose to opt-out of the IA program and purchase your materials another way by the opt-out deadline (the add/drop deadline) follow these steps:


  1. Click on the VitalSource Link in Canvas, then click on the “Opt Out” button on the tile for the e-book.  Please give it a few seconds to sync – clicking the button multiple times may opt you back in, and generate multiple charges and refunds.
  2. Log into our Instant Access Portal for Canvas https://portal.verba.io/pomona2/login and follow the prompts to receive your personalized link via email. Follow that link, and click on “Opt Out” for the book or books you don’t need.

Q: Can I opt back in after I’ve opted out of the program?

A: As long as it’s before the drop/add deadline, yes!  These same steps above work for opting back IN to materials if you decide you need them after all.

Q: How do I access my materials?

A: CANVAS: Look for the “VitalSource Course Books” module. When you click on that, the link to the ebook should appear in the center area of the page.  If you don’t see that option, check with your professor to ask if they have enabled the Instant Access Ebook link in Canvas, as that is a necessary step. For help using your books on VitalSource’s BookShelf see: https://hubs.ly/H0jC3_x0

For courseware/homework products such as Mastering, MyLab, REVEL, MindTap, SAM, WebAssign, OWL, LaunchPad, Connect, Inquizitive or WileyPlus, depending on the product, you may need an access code, or you may just need to click on the courseware assignments and then register your account. Your professor should post instructions.

Q: If my course materials include courseware/homework tools and I opt-out will I lose the work I have already completed?

A:If you purchase the materials from a different source and use the same credentials (your CPP email) to access the materials, your work will be retained. If you do not purchase the materials somewhere else or use different credentials your work will be lost.

Q: What if I want a print copy?

A: Printed copies may be offered either as an “add on” to the IA digital materials, or by themselves:

  1. “Add on/upgrade” option: For some classes low-cost black & white, loose-leaf books may be available to order at a specially discounted price for students verified as opted in to IA. Bronco Bookstore will verify you have not opted out and are eligible for the add-on before filling orders.
  2. “Stand alone” option: If you opt-out of IA materials, you may purchase/rent a regular print book from Bronco Bookstore or other suppliers at regular pricing.

For additional questions, please email us at fdnia@cpp.edu.