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In-store Repairs and Services

apple repairs and services

Apple services and repairs are done in-store at the Bronco Bookstore during regular business hours. Feel free to stop by the Bronco Tech section of the bookstore for a diagnostic.

Please note that a diagnosis cannot be made over the phone or via email.

Our Apple-authorized technicians provide in-warranty and out-of-warranty repairs on Apple laptops and desktop computers. 

Diagnostic Fee

In-Warranty repairs: No cost, as long as the issue is not due to accidental damage.

Out of Warranty Diagnostic and Labor Fee: $65.00* and is non-refundable.


For all repairs needing a part, the device must be forfeited to the Bronco Bookstore for the duration of the repair.

If the device is under warranty, manufacturer defective and not suffering from accidental damage, the repair will be of no cost.

If the device is out-of-warranty, the diagnostic fee must be paid to obtain a quote for the cost of the repair and a totalized invoice will be presented prior to the customer before the part is ordered. Please note that the purchase must be authorized before the part can be ordered.


Memory and/or Solid-State drive installation: Free**

Other Services

Boot Camp Install: $65.00***
(Windows sold separately)

Virus Removal: $65.00, and we strongly advise purchasing an Anti-Virus as well to help prevent future infections.

* Paid in advance; No refunds on labor fees. Additional fees and conditions may apply.

**Upgrade(s) install is free if the upgrade is purchased through the Bronco Bookstore.

***Boot Camp is not recommended unless absolutely necessary. Virtualization may be substituted in most cases at the same rate.

Some services are handled by 3rd party vendors and have different rates, see vendor site for complete details.